Everybody loves their stories.  

Over the last two decades, fan culture has blossomed into a cultural juggernaut. Comics, novels and films are remixed, re-made, and re-released, to with varying degrees ofsuccess. The pieces collected here are part of that world: musings on characters, reporting on the business of creativity, and arguments about  fandom and art from a loving--if often critical--perspective. 

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Jack Kirby And the Plight of the Comics Artist 

The Atlantic
September 2016

A decades-old legal battle is a reminder of how hard many creators have to fight to get credit and compensation for their own work.

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The Trouble with Superman

The Atlantic
February 2016

For decades the Man of Steel has failed to find his groove, thanks to a continual misunderstanding of his strengths.

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Invisible artists behind your favorite comics

The Atlantic
August 2017

Colorists and and letterers bring a silent medium to life, and their work often goes undetected—especially if they’re great at their jobs.

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ENough with the canon!

The Atlantic
April 2016

There’s no single right way to interpret the stories behind the Marvel or Star Wars fictional universes—and fans need to stop claiming otherwise.



the real reason for marvel comics' woes

The Atlantic
May 2017

A recent push for diversity has been blamed for weak print sales, but the company’s decades-old business practices are the true culprit.

Don’t do comics. Comics will break your heart.
— Jack Kirby